What’s good and bad for Dating Older Women?

older-women-dating-younger-menOlder women are undeniably gorgeous and their charm and grace know no bounds. Hence, dating them is an amazing experience, especially for a younger guy. Confident older women know exactly what they want as they have more life experience than their younger counterparts. They are decisive and not afraid to demand exactly what they like, so as a younger man if you are still wondering what’s good and bad for dating older women refer to the list below. 

All that is good

Secure and independent: Older women are secure as they know themselves in and out. They are well aware of their strong suits and shortcomings, and aim to better themselves. Consequently, they don’t act needy or demand constant reassuring.

Furthermore, leading life on their own terms has made them independent, which is why they have their own lives and aren’t clingy. This means that while you will have plenty of space you will be required to return the favor and give her room to grow and pursue her dreams. Older women dating younger men feel all is well with an independent yet supportive partner.

Refined tastes: Her tastes are refined and she definitely knows the difference between classy and tacky all too well. So, if you are a sophisticated gentleman you will be loved dearly by an older lady, who will appreciate all your efforts and values. Treat her with the love and respect she deserves by showing her she deserves nothing but the best, especially when you dine out, celebrate special occasions, shower her with gifts, spend intimate moments and basically every day.

Pursue physical satisfaction: Sexual satisfaction is prioritized by many older women, thus they lose inhibitions, express freely and enjoy the moment. Since, they are looking for a combination of exciting and fulfilling; younger men are usually their perfect match. You’ll make a good couple if you lay the same emphasis on bonding through achieving mutual physical pleasure.older-women

All that is bad

Lack of communication: Clarity is paramount in every relationship, even more so where there is an age gap, which is why an experienced and self respecting woman communicates her needs and expects the same from her partner. In order to be on the same page as your lovely older lady you will have to communicate frankly. Being unable to do so may prove detrimental for your relationship.

Indecisiveness: Older women looking for younger men will always make sure he is decisive and driven. While these women possess and display an exemplary amount of patience, they take adding value to their and others lives very seriously. So unsurprisingly, they dislike wasting time, over thinking and inaction. Unless you are a decisive go-getter you certainly are bad news for the older women club.

Insincerity: While this applies to all women, older women are the ones who show no tolerance toward an insincere man. Naïve young women hope their less than perfect partner will transform into Mr. Right, so they’re more willing to give second chances. Conversely, an experienced older woman is not afraid to end things when they are not worth her while. Hence, insincere men with ulterior motives are ousted by such ladies. Put simply, never approach a woman with ulterior motives.

Posted by Allan H. Matos