Best new dating apps (a cougar’s adventure)

older women on sugar mommaOkay. I admit it. I’m a cougarwho only likes younger men. But I feel entitled to the affection of younger, hotter men because I can provide and protect. I’m just like Emily from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – I’m not old (I’m mature); I’m rich; and my husband doesn’t give me intimacy in the bedroom. So, of course, I need a toy boy. And I’ve tried many dating apps and here is a list of the best new dating apps that I’ve discovered recently.


As I see it, Brilic dating app is the best new dating app. I really can’t find out one problem with this app because men on Brilic are extremely sexy, handsome and caring. My current toy boy met me on Brilic in March 2019 and we are so in love. When I say “toy boy”, I’m not saying he is just a toy in my opinion. I mean he is a true lover, a real friend and a lovely young man that I am in a relationship with, although I’m married to another man. Well, the reason I want to stay married is because my husband is a very rich guy who gives me financial benefits. But unfortunately, my husband doesn’t want to sleep with me.

<2> Lovely

Lovely dating app is relatively new, but it’s actually run by a very experienced team that have been in the online dating industry for a very long time. Although it was launched recently, it has attracted millions of users worldwide within a short period of time. Basically, I decide who can contact me, so I just decide that only younger men can contact me. I met a 19-year-old male sugar baby on Lovely and we had a fling for about one month until he left the country for university. I still miss him, honestly.

<3>Hooking Up

Because Hooking Up is a new dating app, it has incorporated the advantages of many seasoned dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. To be honest, I prefer new dating apps because they are generally more advanced in terms of technology and customer support. I never had an issue with Hooking Up dating app. I met several young men via Hooking Up and all of them only wanted to hook up with me, so there were no strings attached and I was very satisfied.prefer sugar momma dating apps


Topface dating app is another new dating app that I really like. The reason I don’t prefer sugar momma dating apps and only want to use relatively mainstream dating apps is that sugar momma dating apps have many users – by that I mean there are many young men who are trying to use older women on sugar momma dating apps. Therefore, I use mainstream dating apps to look for toy boys most of the time. That’s just my understanding, and I can be wrong. Anyway, I recommend Topface because everyone that I’ve met on this platform is very genuine. I’m truly impressed.

<5> Secret Desire

Secret Desire dating app is the ideal new dating app for friends with benefits. Several toy boys of mine met me via Secret Desire because we wanted mutual benefits. I think mutual benefits are the foundation of any relationship. I don’t believe in unconditional love because even though I love my kids, I also expect them to love me as well – that’s conditional love. So, I prefer friends with benefits when it comes to dating and relationships. Similarly, I will never divorce my boring and fat husband because I understand our mutual benefits, i.e. money and children. I don’t want to be broke and don’t want my children to suffer, so I will definitely stay married while fooling around with younger men outside the dead marriage.

<6> Mint

No, it’s not a financial app. It’s a new dating app for everyone looking for love online. Yes, I believe that my relationships with my male sugar babies are true love, too. If we both love each other and look after each other, that’s already my definition of true love. I don’t expect too much from anyone. Because I’m a woman, I can unlock my admirers for free on Mint dating app, and that’s my favorite feature! The funny thing is my boyfriend told me that the logo of Mint looks like a honeypot, whereas I told him that it looks like a hot guy’s balls. We were laughing so hard!sugar babies cougars


CasualX is another new dating app that I adore. It was launched only a few years ago and it became sensational immediately. I met a few very handsome male models via CasualX two years ago and we still keep in touch today because occasionally I need some ex-lovers to hook up with me again – my libido is too high to be handled in a stable way. But my current lover doesn’t mind. To be honest with you, I think my husband knows what I’m doing outside the marriage because I go out every single day and when I come back home at night, I look very radiant and satisfied. But he never asks me any questions in this regard because he probably knows that I’m a normal lady with a libido & he doesn’t have a libido at all these days. So, he obviously doesn’t need to ask me any questions anymore.


Joyride dating app is very easy to use. If I want some d**k in 10 minutes, I can log on Joyride and get it right now because I can see who’s online and directly contact that person instantly. That’s the best feature of all! Because my husband often goes out during the day time, I even invited several toy boys to my house and hook up with me in my bedroom. My husband never found it out because he always comes back home after 7pm – he is a very busy app for cougars


Another fantastic new dating app on the market. Meetville has more than 18 million members all over the world due to its outstanding service. I usually promote my dating profile and get a boost, so many male sugar babies contact me automatically. However, some users on this app aren’t real people, so I think everyone should be more careful when they are trying Meetville.

<10> Wild

I like Wild dating app because it’s 100% free. I don’t need to pay a membership fee in order to contact anyone on this app. That’s why it has grown a lot recently and a growing number of hot younger men have joined this app. Because it’s free, I can’t guarantee the quality of young men on this app. But overall, it’s a reasonable dating app for cougars and toy boys who want to have arrangements rather than serious relationships.

That’s my adventure on top ten new dating apps on the market and I hope you’ve enjoyed my confession. I don’t think my husband will read this article because he isn’t interested in dating and relationships (just look at his libido). So, I’m happy to share my thoughts and my journey with you here today. Hopefully you find my experience helpful and you can benefit from my stories.

Posted by Allan H. Matos


This is very important because the longer you stay on a website that charges, the more opportunities you get to find a partner.

Most of the websites that offer these services are free to use.

The charge usually depends on the length of time you want to be a member and other membership eligibility criteria.

As a man, you must always keep in mind that you never get to have the kind of sex that your partner expects from you.

Before you sign in to any online dating site, it is best to determine what kind of relationship you are looking for.

However, you can also visit a website that charge for this service.


You can join any cougar dating apps that allow you to post photos or videos of yourself to help attract a better partner for you.

Since younger women usually seek younger men, the older woman must always be ready to take younger men into her bed.

With this dating app, you do not need to go crawling in bars just to discover how much younger men really want to have sex with an experienced woman.

Ever since online dating platforms and services became available, many young adults have been hooked on the idea of dating cougars.

The fact is that younger men are attracted to mature women, and older women are generally sought after by younger men.

In recent years, younger men have been flocking to different social networking sites to meet hot women.

This dating app promises to solve a number of problems for men when it comes to dating.

Cougar dating app has revolutionized the way people used to search for their perfect mate.

With this app, men can search for women within their preferred age range and even sex.

The best cougar dating apps are definitely the free ones.

You can sign up for as many free accounts as you want until you find a good partner for yourself.

The idea is to eliminate any risk when it comes to having sex with someone.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to sign up with as many free milf dating sites as you can find.

Another great thing about the cougar dating app is that it allows you to express your sexual interests even if you are of the opposite sex.

Older women usually do not have the kind of interest in having sex that younger women do.

Most of them usually waste time shopping, taking pictures and trying to look cute in front of the mirror instead of spending time having sex.

However, with the no-strings sex option that you can use on this dating site, you can let your sexual desires shine through without wasting time in front of the mirror.

If you want to try out the no strings approach to sex with a cougar dating app, you must first visit a website that has milf sections.

These websites do not accept any type of relationship between young women and older men.

However, you can try sending some messages to a woman you like using the messaging system on the website.

When you send her messages on this site, you can even talk about sex.

This will definitely help you decide if you think you are compatible with her.