Confessions of a Russian bride.

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Nina was corresponding with foreigners in the attempt to find her one and only for a very long time, that is why by the moment when the time has come to meet her one and only in the hometown she was already very much stressed and almost ready. She lost almost twenty pounds due to diets and shaping, and got a few small souvenirs for her man, took a time off from all the possible works she was doing, packed her suitcase and got ready to fly in order to meet her soul mate on the other side of the Earth.

So when she saw the person who was meeting her in the airport of the Stavanger city (Norway) her first thought was turning around and run away as fast as she can, pack herself into the airplane go back to her hometown and forget as fast as she can about the misunderstanding that has happened due to her ability to run into something without reasonably thinking, but in the last moment she stopped herself from running away, and decided to give a chance to the man who was meeting her, as she realized that for him probably it is very difficult as well. Each person is worthy some attention, which is why she forced herself to make a step towards him and smiled to him. Later she understood that he sent to her all of his best pictures ever, and if he would not raise his hand with flowers while meeting her, than she never would have guessed that it was him.

Well what is done, is done, so she decided at least to enjoy the new places that she was seeing, especially considering the fact that everything around was really beautiful and breathtaking. It took her two days to get used to his unusual accent and to finally understand everything that he was saying.

In his house in the living room she saw a bunch of books, and cd’s, which made her, realize that probably he is a very smart person. On the table was no cold champagne, so she realized that he didn’t had any “plans for her” and that made her finally relax.

Her first opinion was not a pleasant one, as he was a very tall man, and she didn’t expect that he will be that tall and big, and at the same time he has quite a cruel face expression, and didn’t helped her with the suitcase or opening of the door in front of her. So in order to fill in the awkward pause during their meeting she decided to unpack the suitcase and present him all the souvenirs that she got for him.


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She was not able to surprise him with her presents, but his reaction amazed her, as he suddenly got up from the chair, and thanked her by giving her a hug and putting his cheek upon her cheek, that was the moment when she didn’t know yet that this is a traditional way to show gratefulness in Norway, so imagine what she was thinking at that moment. It is good that she was able to take care of her face expression on the automatically level.

After this touching scene, she was invited to a pizza place where he ordered a pizza that covered the entire table with its size, and at the moment they were living he has thrown a sad look on the pizza that was not even a quarter finished.

Soon after this first evening meeting, she came to the conclusion that he is not the person she would ever like to get married with, that is why she took it as a nice and pleasant trip to Norway. And the next day they were on their trip around the country. No matter the fact she was acting not very nice and clearly shown he is not interesting to her, he kept pampering her and helping her in anything, after quite a lot of his “if you need anything, just let me know..” She could not resist and finally looked at him from a different angle.

Two weeks after she came back home he visited her and proposed her, and she said yes, because all the time after she came back she could not stop thinking about him, and his affection towards her.


Posted by Allan H. Matos