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Free dating over 40I registered on in June 2013. After long searches and unsuccessful meetings I began to get disappointed, but in September I saw a candidate whom I liked very much. That was Natasha. I wrote, of course, the first one, and Natasha immediately answered me, very quickly, in September, we exchanged telephone numbers.

She called first, but I did not recognize her on the phone and, moreover, even “threw her away” … After that she wrote to me and expressed everything she thought about me. Of course, I apologized, and she, to my surprise, understood me.

Then we laughed at it for a long time. After a short correspondence we wanted to see each other. Agreed and met in early October in Kamensk-Uralsky, and were talking about life and its joys and sorrows for a long time. We liked each other very much from the first date – both externally and internally, we decided to meet as often as possible.

We live in different cities and try to go to each other. While dating we often go to the movies and theaters, sometimes we sit in the café and chat about life. We plan to build a house in one of the settlements on the road between Kamensk-Uralsky and Yekaterinburg. Free dating over 40 – is a great website, which gave me the opportunity to find my happiness.

Also there are a lot of useful information both for men and women how to build relations. That’s why we would like to present the information for the women: “the main reasons, that prevents to find a person for a serious relationship”.

  • Good men at age 40-45 are married. According to statistics, more than 60% of women explain their loneliness in this way. But as there are decent unmarried ladies at the age, so there are also single men. After all, they are divorced for the same reasons as lovely ladies. They too could be betrayed, deceived, used. They too could lose their favorite wives. Perhaps one of them is looking for a soul mate that looks like you. So, do not believe that there are no decent men at this age.
  • There wouldn’t repeat such a love, which I felt before. Once a woman felt great love, but lost a man who was her support. This is a tragedy, but not a verdict. You can try everything again. You already have an experience in creating wonderful relationships, and the next love can be if not better, then certainly not worse.
  • Do not pay attention to non-ideal men. No matter how trite it sounds, perfect people, including women, do not exist. Most of the men you meet will not be exemplary and such as your imagination draws. But somewhere there is only one, the one who is looking for you. Kind, sympathetic, gentle and faithful.
  • Men are womanizers, liars and scammers. That’s what the lovely ladies think, which have already failed in love. But if you once met a bad person, this does not mean that all members of the stronger sex are the same scoundrels. Change your worldview. If you start looking for good men, they will surround you. And if a member of the stronger sex feels respect, the warmth coming from you, he will change for the best.
  • No one deserves me. Women who think so, are just ordinary housewives. They are happy with it. And the learned phrase is just a protective screen from the whole world. Such women are usually passive, do not run on dates, are afraid of getting acquainted with men in principle. Men do not need a serious relationship. It’s a lie. Men, as well as cute women, want to build a harmonious relationship after forty years. They also dream of home comfort, a tasty joint dinner, quiet evening gatherings. A review of the main female misconceptions suggests that most women are simply insecure, don’t believe in their attractiveness.

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So, don’t repeat such a mistake, and start acting right now!

Posted by Allan H. Matos