How To Approach A Girl On Facebook – 5 Steps To Follow

facebookIf you are struggling to find the right girlfriend then this post is just for you. You can approach a girl on Facebook which is one of the most ruling social networking site in the whole world. And every one in the world is using Facebook to communicate online, so you won’t get any better option to approach a girl on web.

But the thing is as to how to approach a girl on Facebook. What are the best pick-up lines that one can use?

But before providing you the tips, I would like to list out some precautions that you should take before approaching any girl on Facebook.

1. Delete the tags – You may have huge friend list and obviously there may be some losers out there in your list. So check the photos that you are tagged in and delete them. Your profile should be free from the unwanted tags. There should be no nudity and illicit images on your profile.

2. Say no to self-obsessed pictures – It is of utmost importance that your profile does not have shirtless photos of yours. Well you might think what is wrong in flaunting if one has a chiseled body. Surely nothing is wrong, but often I have seen guys going a step ahead and writing captions and phone numbers on their pictures. These cheesy things makes a guy looks desperate and a wannabe and are obviously ignored by girls.

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3. Original display picture – A guy should upload his own picture and not a fake one. I have often seen boys making a Bollywood/Hollywood celebrity as their profile picture. Boys think that a girl on looking a Hollywood celebrity as display picture would get impressed and hence would accept his friend request. But this is not so and instead you get rejected. The only chances that you get accepted having such kind of display pictures is when a girl too has similar female celebrity as their display picture.

So, I have listed more or less the important precautions that you should take before approaching any girl.

How to approach a girl on Facebook

1. Stop Poking and get to know her taste – Well just having some mutual friends doesn’t give you the liberty to poke any girl. Really it’s very annoying and could probably lead to you being blocked. So stop these irritating things and instead stalk her profile without her getting to know. Get an idea about her favorite movies, food and music that she likes. If you are of the same city but different college then you can get definitely find some mutual friends.


2. Send her some cool message – You can send her a message saying that “I am xyz and could you tell me more about your college as my abc cousin has to take admission in it.” She would reply as girls are more helpful and you are showing a sense of urgency so she would definitely reply. Add few emoticons but they should not be in excess as then they look quite cheesy.

Another idea to engage her in some conversation through Facebook message would be by saying her that – “I saw you at xyz party, you looked pretty high that time hope you are fine and reached home safely.”

You have to judge her character based upon her likes  and tastes. If you judged it right then accordingly send her some message and the above messages could be altered accordingly.

3. Accidental meeting – Well on Facebook there is a check in feature and girls use this feature a lot. So you being a smart a#$ get to know where she is and go there. Since you have already talked to her via private chat, so it will not look odd to her when you confront her face to face. At this point of time, ask her out for coffee or lunch. Once a casual date or meet up has been there then send her a friend request. At this point of time, she is bound to accept your request provided that you didn’t make her pay the bill for the first casual date. (Laugh out loud).

4. Continue chatting – You should continue chatting about her interests on Facebook. Add some funny lines in between the chat. The way to any girl heart is to make a girl laugh. Once she is comfortable talking to you, you can ask her number.

5. Accept fate – Well these are no bullet proof tips that will make every girl fall for you. If you have watched Hitch movie starring Will Smith then, he had almost given up on getting his client to get his girlfriend. But in the end he along with his client got girlfriend of his dreams.

So be a playboy and make a girl fall for you through Facebook.

Posted by Allan H. Matos