How to get the hookup sugar momma if inexperienced

Meeting up a sugar momma online is easy nowadays, especially if you’re a good-looking cub. Older women willing to sponsor a young handsome guy, consider a cub any man under 30.

The younger is better

You shouldn’t worry about the lack of experience if you’re under 25. First, it’s normal for your age and second, such a young age is appreciated more by the female sponsors.

Be in a good shape

Train physically in a gym, then you’ll satisfy any hookup mature and demanding woman easier. Moreover, nice muscles will make you look better visually, and you’ll become popular.

Stay polite no matter what

It’s only logical that some sugar mommas are bossy and controlling. Many of them are also vulnerable and react too much on inappropriate treatment. Be polite and respectful to get profit.

Promise the confidentiality

Be ready that some cougar ladies will ask you sign a confidentiality agreement. Others will expect your verbal promise. This requirement is caused by their social status, so show your acceptance.

Smile and be happy

It sounds trivial, but older women are very sensitive to their casual partner’s mood. The happier you look, the more willing they will become to reward you.

Posted by Allan H. Matos