Meet international singles with review

Many single people all around the world ask themselves a question, if happy end dating between continents is a myth or reality. Indeed, in the new millennium with the evolution of Internet and other hi-tech technologies even made such old-fashion thing like dating itself completely different. Instead of sending handwritten paper letters with love content people exchange SMS and e-mails, phone calls and chats often replace live communication. The world appeared to be smaller nowadays due the airlines and other kinds of modern transportation making possible travel between continents in a matter of days. All these things made a big impact on dating and relationships too.

Worldwide service is a real proof that using the technologies is possible not only to connect singles from different parts of the globe but also to assist them in making strong relationships leading to marriage. For its ten-year history numerous international families were created and many people have forgotten about loneliness.

Owing to company’s purposeful pursuit to use the capability of new computer technologies to simplify the matchmaking process even people without deep Internet knowledge and dating experience can have very high chance for success.


Main characteristics of the service

  1. Ease of use, no special technical knowledge required.
  2. Large number of users guarantees finding a person for dating matches to specified search criteria.
  3. Powerful innovative search and communication tools.
  4. Effective protection from scam and fraud.
  5. Qualified translation service.
  6. Professional support team.

Joining the community

This is an easy task. Registration form is simple and requires only few minutes to fill. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you immediately after successful registration and after short approval time (usually no longer than a couple of hours) your account will be active. The first important action for your future dating process is to set up your profile. Your profile is a page in the system containing different information about you (age, height, weight, country, languages you speak, kind of relationship you are seeking for and so on), your desired partner and short description of you and your ideal match. Also, an opportunity to upload photo and video provided. Sure, this is optional step and you can leave your profile empty. Though it’s not recommended because profiles without information don’t attract the attention of ladies and this can lead the process of dating to dead end.


Search Profiles

Advanced search algorithm allows seeking your partner according multiply criteria starting from physical parameters like age, height, weight, ethnicity etc., and ending common information like education level, religion, and zodiac sign. Also, it is possible to search profiles either containing photo/video or not. After the search is done, you can browse the profiles matched the search criteria. For sure you will find several people whom you like and want to start communication with. If not, you can always repeat the search changing the parameters to make it wider.

Communication process

The process of communication between members consists of exchanging smiles (initial sign of attraction, as a rule, leading to send the first introduction message) and messages. Phone calls and video chat are also available upon request as well. All messages are translated by professional human translators so the language understanding trouble between people involved in the correspondence will never occur.

With all the opportunities and benefits provided by service the dream of single people about creating the distant relationship and happy marriage between people from different cultures come true.

Posted by Allan H. Matos