Online Dating Guide – How to Approach and Date Women

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Online Dating Guide – How to Approach and Date Women

If you are a man who has signed up for online dating, then you probably want to get some advice about how to approach women online. Unfortunately, the truth is…most men who sign up for online dating sites, just never get any single date. This can really hurt your ego and will make for many lonely nights ahead. The real solution is to view the online dating scene from the female perspective, in order to understand how to approach women online.

How can you approach women online without coming off as a creep? Most guys approach women by talking to them. It’s natural for them to talk to their favorite girl, or one they find attractive online. However, when you approach women online you should do it differently.

When you talk to a girl online, make sure that you are not coming across as a creepy stalker. The first thing you should realize is that women do not view online dating guides as tools for getting them back. They see it as a safety mechanism, to let them know that they are not always the center of their own world. By being yourself and approaching the girls that you find attractive, you will show them that you are a confident guy, who knows how to deal with women.

The best approach is…being yourself. Many online dating guides actually talk about how to act like a weirdo, and this is something that women will not respect you for. Remember, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, so do not try to act like a weirdo. Being confident and letting the girls see that you are not insecure and needy will get you much closer to them.

Another thing to keep in mind when approaching women online is that women love guys that treat them well. You might have to ask them out on a date if you want to take things to the next level, but the point is that you are showing them respect and you are someone they can do business with. This is important because many online daters are trying to look for women in real life, and when they see a guy treating a girl badly, it lowers their opinion of him in general.

The last part of an online dating guide is to not be afraid of rejection. There are hundreds of thousands of single women online and a lot of them might be looking for a serious relationship. You can’t let this discourage you. Rejection is just a part of the game and if you learn to handle it and move on, you’ll find the number of women you will meet online. Just remember that every bad experience is only one rejection point against you.

Another thing you should do to get more women is to use compliments with women. Most men don’t even realize how powerful this is and how it can really get a woman attracted to you. This is because when a man compliments a woman, he creates the perception of being present and of being interested in her. When a woman thinks that she has been noticed, it decreases her rejection of you and increases your chances of getting her phone number.

These are just a few things that an online dating guide can teach you to do. Just make sure that you approach these things the right way and that you take your time. It takes time to get to know someone really well, so don’t rush into anything that you aren’t 100% comfortable with. Take your time and enjoy the experience of online dating.

Posted by Allan H. Matos