– one of the best platforms to find Russian girls online

find-russian-girls-onlineToday I’ll share my review of a new dating service called I did not really expect anything special, but have to say that my expectations were exceeded.

As you can see, this website is the one promoting an opportunity to try and get acquainted with girls from ex-USSR countries (I do mean what I’m saying, as other ex-Soviet countries are represented too).

The website has a very simple structure. There’s a version adapted for mobile devices as well, which makes it a good fit if you want to be online 24/7, although I’m not that kind of person, so I did not try that one.

It’s a paid service, regardless of what it says (only the registration is free, the rest is at your disposal once you upload a photo, or better off make a subscription payment). But fair play to them, the subscription plans are not that expensive (something like 10 bucks for a month of Gold subscription and, like, 15 bucks for Platinum, with truly excellent discounts for Gold option – 25 bucks for 6-month and 37 bucks for annual subscription) and at least give you good value for your money.

I initially had no goal of finding a wife, so I don’t know how that works with But finding yourself a conversation partner is quite simple. The search algorithm works fine, offering you exactly what you instruct it to do and not some weird matches. Search settings are a standard choice of information (age, appearance, location) plus some fancy stuff (hobbies, habits, etc.). Usual stuff.

Curiously, while the service is positioning itself as a girlfriend (and even bride-to-wife) finder, searching for males is also an option. Forgive me, but I’m having trouble comprehending why a US woman would want to find Russian man online.russian-sex-online

Besides you primary “find a match” activity, the service offers additional value in the form of secondary fun like games, medals, stuff like that. Kudos for trying to keeping your finger on the pulse of modern tendencies!

What I did like very much was an ability to block people who irritate you. Not that I needed to utilize this function (all the girls I’ve met on are very friendly) but the very possibility is comforting.

The support works fine. I haven’t had a chance (thank God!) to address any serious issue to them, but I managed to notice that at least they update the site.

Also, from what I’ve seen specifically mentioned, the administration clearly acknowledgesthe danger of all kinds of scamming techniques, so they have various relevant anti-scam measures in force. Thumbs up for that!


What I DID NOT like

The first step in the search process, the search function itself, is available strictly post registration. You wanna try finding someone – go ahead and register first.

As far as I know, they don’t have a mobile app, at least I did not see any links to that on the site. However, this question may be worth asking the support.

The deceptive “free-to-use” approach. In fact, it’s “free-to-register”, which is a must for that kind of service and should not be displayed as some sort of benefit.

That may sound a bit judgmental from me, but despite the site interface design being user friendly and quite simple, it’s not that great. “Ugly” would be a harsh word, but I’d appreciate a more stylish layout and site schematics particularly as that’s a task in the realm of achievable.



On a general scale, despite being relatively new (I think they launched in 2015) this online dating platforms definitely has potential to succeed. I would give a 9 out of 10 rating – some tweaks wouldn’t go amiss, but the issues themselves are really not that important. Just for the sake of it and going full flawless. Just my 2 cents though. Good job,!


Posted by Allan H. Matos