Russian and Ukrainian Women. What should you know?

Russian and Ukrainian WomenEveryone knows that Slavic women are the most charming. Foreign men look at Russian and Ukrainian women with delight and desire. The Russians, as well as residents of any country have some inherent traits that distinguish them from other cultures. These are the facts about Russian and Ukrainian woman that will help you know them better.

  1. Slavic people adore receiving guests. They are known for their hospitality and generosity. These ladies prefer spending time with friends and members of the family. Every time they try to show that they are wonderful hostess, that’s why they lay really rich table. A lot of different dishes you can find at the table of every Slavic family.
  2. The tradition of gifts. In Ukraine and in Russia it is accustomed to visit your friends with small gifts. Even if it is not a birthday but a modest friendly gatherings. It can be almost everything: dishes, sweets alcohol or small souvenirs.
  3. The ability to care for themselves. Slavic women care about their appearance. Moreover, it is a daily work. They do all their best to look as if they have descended from the cover of a glossy magazine. At the same time they do not have to spend fabulous money on beauty salons and plastic surgery, because Slavic woman are beautiful by nature.
  4. The talent to create cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house. These talents have all Slavic women. These ladies are ready to do the housework themselves without housekeepers or any other additional help. They can create comfortable atmosphere even in the empty house.
  5. Russian and Ukrainian woman believe in superstitions. Slavic women have a lot of superstitions and very often they even don’t notice this. They usually spit over the left shoulder when they see black cat, they o not whistle in the house, they are worrying about spilled salt and so on. It may seem funny, but this is an integral part of their lives.about Russian and Ukrainian women
  6. Independence. Recently, Slavic ladies have become more self-confident and independent. And European men appreciate the commitment of the ladies who come abroad and try to find a job, to learn necessary languages, to build career in order to realize their aspirations.
  7. The ability to compromise. Ukrainian and Russian women are not stubborn and able to find common ground, even with the most “difficult” men. Every man hopes that his wife will listen to him and consider him a host in the house. European and American women demand more independence in this sense, and not all the men like this fact.
  8. The desire to take care of the beloved men. Slavic brides are gentle, kind, caring and very wise. Most of the time they spending with their husbands, try to help them and support in every situation.
  9. One more peculiarity of Slavic nation is that they really appreciate their friends. Friendship is an integral part of their lives. Sometimes they can treat a friend better than a relative. There are a lot of cases, when the real friendship stats at school or even kinder garden, and lasts forever.
  10. Although these ladies are very friendly and charming, but they almost never smile to the strangers. In public places, they tend to keep the seriousness and concentration of the face. But if they meet someone they know, they change rapidly and bright smile appear on their faces.

These are the main facts about Russian and Ukrainian women. If you want to spend the rest of your life with such a lady, just try to know more information about her lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Get acquainted with her family and respect all the traditions, only then you will be able to live a happy life.

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Posted by Allan H. Matos