Russian women

Russian womensex


Russian women are like difficult puzzles that you spend all of your life solving, and die without succeeding in finishing it.

Robert Dean, thirty five years old, financial analytic, Wall Street, New York.

Women from Eastern European countries- are passionate and strong natures, who with their words and deeds are often makes us- men feel not comfortable. They are like puzzles that we have to solve our entire life.

As a rule they are pretty, but I cannot find them easily in the crowd of people, only according to their physical appearance, as there is a great variety of types of women, who are originally from Eastern Europe. Before I started living and working in Thailand, i didn’t even have a clue how different might be the features of Russian girls, so when i tell about it to my friends from United States they find it hard to believe. A lot of my friends have a certain impression about Russian women; they imagine that all those women look same as Anna Kournikova, who is very popular in my country- a beautiful petite blonde with blue eyes. sexwomenbestWhat other stereotypes do exist? Russian women are sexy, they have temper who are very much pro the traditional family condition of the family, in which man is the head of the family, and woman is the person who keeps the home cozy. There are a lot of stereotypes, especially ones that have to do with the extra sexuality and indifference towards the equality between genders. But all of those things are individual. And the conflicts in the relations between an American man and Russian women are unavoidable, as are unavoidable conflicts between people of different cultures, between different models of behavior, and expectations. That thing will cause a lot of difficulties, but the real obstacles would have to do with common for every couple problems in the relationship, like the trust and being aware about the deeds and way of thinking, and the “chemistry” by which i mean the mutual sexual attraction.

The main advantage as i think would have the child that this kind of couple will create one day, as this child will easily speak two of the main languages on the mother earth.

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Posted by Allan H. Matos