Superstitions in Russian Culture



If you don’t want to hurt or freak your Russian lady out, don’t forget that Russians are a rather superstitious nation. To avoid any embarrassment on your side, remember the following things:

Never give your Russian brides an even number of flowers. This is supposed to bring misfortune as Russians bring even number of flowers only on funerals and graves. Even if your lady is not superstitious, giving an odd number of flowers has become a tradition and Russian ladies getting an even number of flowers would feel weird.

When you speak very positively about something, you may jinx it unless you split three times over your left shoulder or knock on wood. So, be attentive to what you say or don’t forget to split 3 times over your left shoulder. 😉

If the salt is spilled, it means a fight or a deep argument is going to happen. If this happens to you when you are alone, you better hide the evidence not to disappoint your Russian bride.

If your nose is itching it means you will get drunk or bitten, Russians usually choose to get drunk, a great excuse, isn’t it? 😉

If you leave your place on a rainy day, your trip will be lucky, but if you see a woman with an empty bucket the day won’t bring anything good. So, run away! 😉

Russians don’t whistle at their homes as this way the will whistle all their money away.

Russians never celebrate their birthdays earlier, and they don’t know why themselves. 😉

Before talking a long trip all the members of the family and close people, who came to give you farewells sit silently for a minute or two, this is supposed to make your trip safe.

Many Russians don’t kill the spiders as they are supposed to bring good news and luck. However, many Russian wives ask their husbands to do this as they are afraid of insects at home. 😉

Remember, not every Russian woman is superstitious, much depends on a person and family she was raised in.

Posted by Allan H. Matos