The first personal meeting with the foreigner.

Russian girlsWhy in a variety of cases the first meeting automatically becomes the only visit? The majority of Russian girls think that if they have great pictures, than each man who comes to the matchmaking agency will immediately wish to meet them in person, well the truth is that in a variety of cases that is really the way things happen, but it is important to be aware of the fact that we all meet people by the way they look, but our impression about those people we make only after sitting and talking with them for awhile, which is why looking good is not the only or the most important thing. Personally I know a lot of cases when American men were meeting gorgeous Russian brides with the help of a translator, as not all the girls know English language properly, and the funny thing is that as soon as those men were communicating for a little bit with the translators, who happen to be good looking as well, in the majority of cases they were sweeping their attention towards those girls, which I think is truly a great thing. This is the rule made by the mother nature, men are willing to “walk and talk” with hot women and they are happy with the fact that all the guys around them envy them for the fact they are with such a stunning lady, but they marry simple girls who are able to make their home comfortable, cozy and full of harmony, The place where they can start a family together and have children, as children are the most important thing in the world.


There are also meetings that are so called socials, when there are invited a few foreigners and a whole bunch of Russian girls, personally I think it is disgusting as I am sure those women feel like they are being exposed on the market place, that is eventually a wrong thing, as woman should feel appreciated and know that she is the only one in the life of her man and that she is special for him, I guess there is none women in the world who would feel special and “grateful” to their man for going through such a humiliating process at the beginning of their relationship.

I think it is fair when there are two people, who are communicating for some time, and those people little by little start having feelings for each other, and that is the moment when they decided that they should finally meet in person. And eventually man is the one who is being gentleman and paying the first visit to his lady. This is what i call respect, and a good and right start of a relationship. Of course on the first personal meeting two people if they really like each other start blushing or are saying some silly things, but it all happens only because they are nervous and they do not want to lose this special person that has appeared in their life.

Mutual care, understanding and support towards each other are the things that make this kind of couple a happy one, and eventually they will lead to an everlasting strong family with happy children. So considering all of the elements listed above, it is very easy to built a great relation, all that is needed is a proper communication, and right behavior from both sides, and i am sure it will work out by itself. Some couples that I know in order to stay “bounded” to each other even on the distance in the time between the visits find some common hobby that they can later discuss with each other or are watching same movie at the same time while having a video chat, well there are a lot of ways to stay close, but it is necessary to feel the wish to stay together.

Love each other, respect each other, believe into each other, and this way i am sure everything will work out in the best possible way for each of you.

Posted by Allan H. Matos