Tips for helping your Ukrainian wife to assimilate


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Moving to the new place is always incredibly hard. You have to leave the entire life you had: friends, favorite places, lots and lots of memories, family and sometimes pets. That is why, if you have found yourself a wife from another country, say Ukraine, it’s worthy to think about the ways you will be able to help her to assimilate to the new environment, new people and absolutely new society.

Keep in mind that Ukrainian women immensely value the family ties, and she will be leaving her family for you. And this is a real feat for a fragile woman. As soon as she comes to your country – she will rely on you at least for a couple of months. If she knows language, she will be able to send out resumes and start searching for job almost immediately.

However, if she doesn’t know English, or if her English is not good enough – she will either have to take a minimum job (in case you really need cash), or, if the situation is not critical, she will have to take English courses. The best way to do it will be if you help her to find a Russian or Ukrainian community in your area. It will help her a lot. Through such community she will be able to find decent English courses, where the teacher speaks Russian.

Thus, you will achieve two goals with one shot: she will be very grateful that you’ve helped her to find a little piece of home in the new country, and that you are giving her the chance to become a real member of your society by learning the language.

Perfect knowledge of English will open wide possibilities for her. She will be able to go to the mall by herself, when she needs to, she will also be able to come to school to talk to the teaches about the kids, if you will have some and she will most definitely be feeling herself more welcome if she understands what your friends are saying.

Another important part of assimilation is the understanding of the social habits, principles and all the inner details or peculiarities of your society, which you may not notice, but which are quite unusual in the eyes of another person. For example: people in Ukraine never smile on the street. They even have a saying: “Laughter without a reason is a sign of stupidity’. She will most certainly get used to it, but initially she will be asking you if something is wrong with her clothes, because something is smiling at her or whether the persons who smile are in their right mind

To get your Ukrainian wife acquainted with your culture – take her outside. And “outside” does not mean that you should take her to expensive restaurants or drag her through endless boutiques in the mall. Just go to the park or zoo, interact with people. Enjoy the wonders of nature – it’s free and rather inspiring. The more your wife sees the habits and principles of the society you live in – the quicker she will get used to it.

Another important detail, which can never be overlooked, is the connection between your wife and her family. Make sure that she has access to conversations with her family. If you go right about it – you will set up a Skype account for her, where she will be able to talk to her parents, friends from home and so on. Constant availability of such conversations will reduce her stress and will help her to assimilate easily, because she will not be missing home that bad.

Posted by Allan H. Matos