Virtual Sex/What You Should Know?

Virtual sex represents a non-penetrative sexual act involving communication equipment like phone, internet, web cam. It can happen between two people or a group of people. Virtual sex is denoted by different terms.

Phone sex partners talk on phone to arouse each other sexually. Cyber sex partners reach the sexual arousal through text messages on internet. These messages can be exchanged via IRC, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms, web cam, etc.

Sexual texting or ‘sexting’ employs mobile phone networks for exchanging text and multimedia messages of sexual content. The phones with built in cams have added another dimension to virtual sex.

These technological innovations are a great fun for adults, but at the same time represent a serious threat for children. If you are engaged into adult dating and you have kids living with you, make sure they don’t get access to the sites with the adult content.

Many people start practicing virtual sex out of curiosity, however, indulgence in virtual sex can have rather harmful effects. People start developing unrealistic fantasies about sexual partners and sexual act itself. Many people get into cyber masturbation and have virtual sex with people from all over the world. Thus, they keep their unrealistic demands from their future spouses. If the spouse is not experienced enough, it leads to frustration and as a result seeking refuge in deceptive affairs.

There are many cases when people, who enjoyed adult dating and virtual sex got married, but came back to the virtual sex as they were hooked onto it. Many couples suffer with their partners not fulfilling their emotional and physical needs, but are being busy with their on-line sexual partners. Many partners are forced to accomplish unnatural sexual demands as their partners are carried away by unrealistic sexual fantasies.

If you are still interested in adult dating and virtual sex, then make sure you keep your private information anonymous, as you definitely won’t want a sexual stalker visit you in the comfort of your own home.

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In case you are going to meet a virtual sexual partner for real, make sure you meet in a  public place and that your close people are aware whom are you meeting and where the meeting will take place. Carry a mobile phone with you, so that you can call your close people or police in case of emergency.

No matter how much fun during your adult dating you get, stay reasonable and remember that acting wisely and with much caution is the best what you can do.

Posted by Allan H. Matos