Who are swingers?

Our world is constantly transforming, evolves and develops in different areas. In recent years, more and more often began to speak about the existence of different subcultures, understandable and justified, risky and immoral. An example of such subcultures may become swingers. They are becoming more and more a new direction. It was born in America, in the state of California and very quickly spread beyond its borders, conquering outer countries. So who are swingers? Toronto blogs have many articles that describe it. They say that couples who engage in temporary exchange with partners are the idealist of this new game. Sexual intercourse is the basis of a kind of short-term friendship. Typically, couples who practice swing, sexual exchange – is mere entertainment. They meet each other at special parties, get accustomed, chatting, flirting and negotiate with help of sex. Nobody interferes in the personal affairs of couples, only sex and nothing more.

What drives normal loving people to such actions? Not only simple interest, trust, psychologists believe that even great couples have to decide their internal problems of dissatisfaction. To admit that one partner does not satisfy the passion of another is very difficult.

Such couples are very loyal, loving spouses; they prefer to get together with a couple than make out with another person on the side. Despite its specificity, the swing dating is very popular. It is very easy to find a pair for comfort. Currently, there are special exclusive clubs for swingers Toronto, which set very strict rules. Entering, couples are obliged to keep anonymity, personal hygiene and safe sex, not to interfere in the internal relations of the pair partner. No one forces you to have sex, everything is consensual. Why this subculture is developing successfully?

It is erased beyond conventional morality, eclipsed, under the pressure of wanting to try everything. And that’s not all; in the age of cybernetics man lacks simple communication, thrills and new discoveries. Therefore, more and more, each of us in his own way tries to fill the bags with feelings, sometimes it is very extravagant.

Swing – a conscious step that is not done in isolation, but together, consciously, deliberately and mentally prepared.

Posted by Allan H. Matos